My name is Joseph Mitteldorf, and I’m here to help you learn some math (and maybe even learn to like it). 

As a Petroleum Engineering student, I discovered something important about myself: I really enjoy teaching math. Each semester, however, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with my professors who seemed to make math instruction unnecessarily confusing and painful.

Many of my instructors wouldn’t take the time to help struggling students. The available math tutors were often “math-geek” grad students who couldn’t connect with students who didn’t immediately “get it.” Others were undergrads tutoring part-time on work/study who weren’t very good teachers.

Particularly at larger universities, a common complaint is about the TA’s who don’t speak English as their native language. This adds one more layer of frustration for students who are already having difficulty understanding subtle or complex concepts. It’s not the TA’s fault, but students have enough stress in their lives without adding a basic communication problem to the mix.

Now, students are dealing with online classes, professors who don’t teach, and the awful new world of “student, teach yourself.”

Based upon my undergraduate experiences, I decided to become the kind of math teacher I was lucky enough to have only one time in all my years of math education.

I started a tutoring practice which lets me teach, and provides my students with some relief from the awful pain of learning math.

What I Teach and How I do It

Undergraduate (and high school) basic math courses:
– Algebra
– Geometry
– Trigonometry
– Pre-Calculus
– Calculus I
– Business Calculus
– College Math for non-technical majors
– CLEP exam prep

I do all of my tutoring online.

Bad weather, a tight schedule, or an inconvenient location are no longer a problem.

How online tutoring works. Using an interactive online whiteboard with an embedded web cam display, we can work together no matter where you live. All you need is a computer (Mac or PC) and a decent internet connection. The technology is simple and dependable, which allows good student/teacher interaction without getting in the way of the learning and instruction process.

We schedule a tutoring session by phone, text, email, or through my website. Just before your appointment, I will send you a link to start the session. You click on the link, and we begin. It’s that simple.

It’s easy for you to instantly upload homework problems, sample tests, review sheets or any other documents for us to work on together. As an added bonus, at the end of each session you will receive a PDF containing all of the notes and examples we used during your lesson.

My current favorite online whiteboard is BitPaper. If you don’t already have a BitPaper account, we’ll get you signed up at the start of your first session. It’s free, takes just a moment, and requires only an email address and no special hardware or software downloads.

Does online tutoring work? Absolutely! In some ways, it’s even better than in-person tutoring. You don’t need to run across campus (or across town) to meet your tutor. If the weather is hot, or cold, or snowy or rainy, not a problem. Still in your pajamas? No worry, because you don’t need to leave your dorm room or apartment. There’s no need to find a parking space, catch a bus, or risk your personal safety while walking to/from your appointment. If you prefer a face-to-face experience, you can always activate the web cam so you can see me, or we can see each other (it’s totally up to you).

About Me

I attended LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I studied Petroleum Engineering. I grew up in suburban Atlanta and graduated from North Springs High School, where I completed both magnet programs (Math/Science and Performing Arts).

In addition to being a “math guy,” I am also a “people person” and a musician. I was in the marching band (drum line) and was drum major my senior year of high school. In my spare time I compose music on Logic Pro X and play traditional Irish fiddle for fun.

Online education was a natural choice for me. When I was still in middle school in Atlanta (back when Skype was still an amazing new invention), I began working with a violin teacher located in Miami. Using nothing more than a web cam and an impossibly slow internet connection, I took violin lessons online and learned firsthand the power of online instruction. The technology has come a long way since then, but the lesson remains the same: online instruction really works.

When I was studying engineering in Louisiana, the value of online tutoring became even more apparent. In Baton Rouge, we had plenty of days with temperatures in the 90’s, with high humidity to match. We also had times where it poured buckets — non-stop — for days on end. Sometimes we got both: 90-degree days with torrential rain. Needless to say, trudging to the library to meet with a math tutor could be really unpleasant. If I went to school up north, no doubt I’d be complaining about the cold and the snow!

Not only is online math instruction a great way to avoid the heat/cold and rain/snow, it is super time-efficient. You can meet with your tutor from the convenience of your dorm or apartment, with no need to get dressed to go out. There’s no walk across campus, or drive across town. Set an alarm, and boot up your computer with 30 seconds to go. When we’re done, you can get right back to work. That’s a huge bonus during exam week, or any other time that every minute is precious.


I typically charge $40 per hour for most of my online tutoring services.

Payment can be made via Apple Pay, CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. As new systems pop up, I will keep adding them.

Since I am in the teaching business, and not the billing and collection business, I have found it necessary to insist upon payment at or prior to the start of each online session.

Contact Me

I will not interrupt your tutoring session to answer my phone, so naturally I may not be able to answer my phone if you try to call me.

The best way to schedule a session, or to contact me for any other reason,  is to send a text to:


I will respond as soon as I can.

Otherwise, you can reach me by email:

[email protected]

You can also schedule an appointment directly using my online calendar: