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NOW: Booking your own online math tutoring appointments with Joseph has never been easier or quicker. You can make an instant appointment through my website, Facebook, or Instagram. Look for the “Book Now,” “Make Appointment,” or “Schedule an Appointment” buttons. Or follow this link: Book an Appointment Now. Choose a convenient day and time, reserve your spot, make your payment arrangements*, and you’re all set. You will receive an email with everything you need to know for your first Tutoring Session.

Of course, you can still contact me directly if you have any questions or prefer to book person-to-person.

*I accept Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal.


Don’t Fall Behind!

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If you need help this semester with algebra, trigonometry, or calculus, contact me now and schedule some time. Math courses move quickly, so don’t fall behind.

If you’re feeling that you’re in trouble now, the time to get some help was yesterday. Contact me today!

Be sure to check out my 25% off deal on your first session!

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High School Math Was Easy. I Don’t Need a Tutor!

Worried test taker

I run into this situation all the time. A college student (often in one of the engineering disciplines), who never-ever struggled in a math course, is one or two exams deep into Calculus I, and is absolutely drowning. A 20 on the first exam. Shocker, but no worries because the professor drops the lowest grade. Then a 40 on Exam #2. Uh-oh…

The reality is that college math is not high school math. Continue reading “High School Math Was Easy. I Don’t Need a Tutor!”

Now Scheduling New Students for Fall 2020

August 2020 Calendar

Are you planning to take a math course in the fall semester such as algebra, trig, or calculus? Is math your “problem” subject? Are you already worried about it?

Don’t fall into the same trap that catches so many students! If you wait until after the first exam to get help, you will spend the rest of the semester digging yourself out of a deep hole. Line up your tutor now. Continue reading “Now Scheduling New Students for Fall 2020”

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